Medic Bleep is a simple, secure and innovative patient focused solution to the communication challenges that healthcare professionals and the wider team in the NHS face while going about their everyday work.

The one-way communication method of pagers and telephone is inefficient - the recipient is unaware who is bleeping, why, or the level of urgency. Work is interrupted, patient-facing time is wasted, prioritisation is difficult, and the evidence trail is limited.

Medic Bleep is a communication app with tailored healthcare functionality that meets General Data Protection Regulation and NHS information governance standards. Features include:

  • Individual and group text and audio messaging
  • Audio calls
  • Image and file sharing
  • Patient information tab
  • Audit trail
  • View when a message is sent, delivered and read
  • View role, availability and on-call status of colleagues
  • Searchable organisation directory
  • Pin/fingerprint protected login
  • Mobile, tablet and computer access
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Business intelligence dashboard for trends and reporting


Medic Bleep has been developed as a simple and secure solution to the communication challenges that healthcare professionals and wider team in the NHS face while going about their everyday work. This means that if you work in the NHS, Medic Bleep can make your life easier by cutting down on wasted communication time.

You bet it is! The whole reason that Medic Bleep was invented was to offer a simple, secure, NHS Information Governance compliant, alternative to pagers and unsuitable solutions like WhatsApp. We take patient privacy as seriously as you do, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that all personal data is safe and secure on Medic Bleep.

We’ve implemented a whole host of security features to make sure that patient information stays safe and that only registered and approved medics can use the app.

See for yourself, how we (Medic Creations Ltd) meet 100% of the NHS Information Governance requirements by viewing their report on our organisation, code: 8WG84.

It appears that your organisation does not have Medic Bleep subscription. Please contact your IT department, or Medic Bleep Support.

Yes, that is precisely what Medic Bleep has been created for! Clinical teams have the freedom to share various types of patient data including handover sheets (no more losses), photos (X-rays), names, NHS numbers and clinical information without the cumbersome act of masking confidential data.

Using Medic Bleep can make your life easier in tons of ways:

  • Instant contact with your colleagues – no more waiting around for ‘bleeps’ to be answered, calling switchboard, phone ping-pong.
  • Know when a message has been read and received.
  • Share photos and patient information with confidence - rather than risk breaching patient confidentiality by using unsuitable apps.
  • Know which messages are a priority and which can be dealt with later.
  • Know who’s on call without needing to reference black books and contact lists on wards, going to switchboard or bothering off-duty colleagues.
  • Easy, direct, contact with anyone who works in your healthcare trust
  • Available to use on web and mobile – so you can use Medic Bleep on the move.

The whole team will benefit from joined-up communication. Our users are telling us:

“It can take a whole day to get in touch with the right team to discuss some changes on a TTO. This quite often leads to a whole day delay in discharge” Pharmacist (Dispensing)

“No more waiting around for a desktop to become available just to check the directory, only to find a pager number for an individual, which isn't updated.” Nurse

“I spend 2.5 hours out of my 11.5 hours shift trying to get in touch with the right person, paging, through switchboard or even physically finding them.” Nurse

“There are times when I get multiple bleeps in a row, I lose track of them, all I can do is hope that the other person will get back in touch if they need me” Junior Doctor

“Co-ordinating the whole patient transfer service is a nightmare with the bleep system” Porter

We’ve made Medic Bleep super easy to use and available on 3 key platforms – web, iOS, and Android – so you can choose what works for you. If you spend the majority of your time at a desk, we suggest you go for our web version (which works in any browser). If you’re on your feet all day or constantly moving between locations then our iOS (iPhone) or Android mobile/tablet apps give you the flexibility to read and respond to messages on the move.

ICO Reference Number: ZA234286
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