Communication Solution – Doctors, nurses and wider team

Rowan Procter

Executive Chief Nurse, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Medic Bleep allows us to save time instead of waiting for a bleep to be answered. You can send a message then carry on to the next task instead of waiting for a response. The speed of communication enables clarity to an issue as opposed to a being to guess whether it’s important or not to bleep a doctor.

Medic Bleep can help you and your team can realize time savings, productivity gains, and improvements to quality of care. You can reach the team when you need them most, coordinate with other departments in real time, and get patient information when you need it. The Directory and Roles features make it easy to know who’s on call without having to find a whiteboard schedule or call someone to ask.

Benefits to doctors, nurses and wider team:

  • More timely and informed communication
  • Send time-critical information efficiently and accountably
  • See when a message has been delivered and read - vs. pager where a contact is made only with no information
  • Reduction in workflow disruption - no waiting by phones or for switchboard
  • Improved decision making
  • MDT conversations between staff members are not siloed and documented with an audit trail for easy reference
  • Questions and thoughts can be put forward and considered - speeding up the decision-making process
  • Prioritise: Receivers can quickly refer to a new message and prioritise work accordingly
  • Audit trail for improved recall, reduced duplication of information and resources, documented information for patient cases

Benefits to team leaders and service managers:

  • Improved day to day management of patient care, the service and workforce e.g. rota changes
  • Time freed up to prioritise clinical supervision, training and audit resulting in improvements in training compliance and a reduction in clinical incidents
ICO Reference Number: ZA234286
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