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Poor inter team communication is the primary cause for 21% of patient harm. This equates to a substantial 400,000 episodes of potential harm per year in the NHS alone.

Being the world’s 5th largest employer, comprising of over 1.7 million NHS staff, this issue therefore requires urgent attention.

Our aim is to solve this for over 30% of the NHS in the next 3 years by working with healthcare providers throughout the UK and globally.
To date, we have had over 16,000 downloads of Medic Bleep by doctors and nurses reflecting their appetite and demand for a reliable solution.

Your investment* with us will aid in the development of our implementation, sales and marketing team which will enable us to get closer to our desired aim. This means decreasing the time taken to get Medic Bleep to the staff who look after all of us in times of poor health!

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Medic Bleep is the first communication solution to fully displace non-emergency pagers in an NHS Hospital.

Medic Bleep is a Secure & Real-Time Communication Solution.

It enables doctors, nurses and the wider team to communicate and collaborate within and across healthcare organisations.

The increased efficiency in communication accelerates productivity, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

  • Dr Nick Jenkins, Medical Director at the trust

    Everyone uses WhatsApp as it is so much easier, but it doesn’t meet the confidentiality standards of the NHS, as a medical director I couldn’t advise it...it makes phenomenal sense so I started looking to see if it could be done.

  • James Catton, Physician Associate

    Explains what it’s like using Medic Bleep:

    Medic Bleep has sped everything up. It makes it a lot quicker for me to talk to my colleagues across the trust.

    I don’t necessarily know everybody in this trust, but on Medic Bleep you can find them really quickly through the search function. You can send them a message which has much more detail than a pager ever would have been able to, or if you need to you can speak to them directly through the app on a telephone call.

  • Jenna Sendall, Speech Therapist

    Explains what replacing the pager system means for her:

    Using Medic Bleep instead of the old bleeps is fantastic. It allows us to create groups within the speech therapy department and the sub- teams, which is great because we can communicate with our colleagues really easily. We can see when a message has been delivered and read, so we know if it has been actioned, which is brilliant.

  • Helen Boulton, Trauma Nurse Practitioner

    Medic Bleep is that you’ve got a trail of the communication. Sometimes you’ll be really busy and you’d get a couple of bleeps through, so you can read them and you can reply. And if it isn’t urgent you can reply within a few minutes.

Invest* in quality and efficiency: Medic Bleep is committed in delivering the best possible outcomes for patients, staff and the NHS

This peer-reviewed study, published in the Digital Health Journal, found that on average nurses saved 21 minutes per shift and junior doctors saved 48 minutes per shift using Medic Bleep.

At a time when the NHS is 43,000 nurses short, if Medic Bleep is implemented across the NHS, it could decrease this shortage by a significant figure of 11,000 nurses.

Our Story and Our Team

Medic Creations is a healthcare technology company founded by Dr. Sandeep Bansal in 2014. It is supported by a dedicated team of 25 talented individuals and specialist advisors. The company’s core product is Medic Bleep: a simple, secure and innovative patient focused solution to the communication challenges that healthcare professionals and the wider team in the NHS face whilst undergoing their everyday work.

Dr Sandeep Bansal

Founder and CEO Medic Creations (Medic Bleep), Mentor and Advisor

Dr Sandeep Bansal, Founder and CEO is a doctor with a postgraduate degree in Paediatrics.
He is an Innovation Mentor at the Royal College of GPs alongside Faculty at Harvard Medical School for Postgraduate Teaching for Surgical Leadership.

He observed the challenges in communication, one of them being patients having to repeat information to doctors and nurses. The NHS is seen as one system, however he witnessed that this was not always felt by its patients. Having conducted a survey on 2000 doctors, its results revealed that 75% admitted to using WhatsApp (an application that is non-compliant with NHS data regulations).

This inspired him create a reliable, secure solution that would deliver “the right information, to the right person, at the right time” and connect the world of health and social care.

Sir Professor Bruce Keogh

Ex Medical Director of NHS England is an advisor for Medic Bleep

Sir Professor Bruce Keogh is ex NHS England Medical Director and presently Chair of Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust. He is an advisor to the board.

Professor Shafi Ahmed

Advisor to Abu Dhabi Government, Colorectal Surgeon and Co-Founder Medical Realities, NED Medic Creations/Medic Bleep

World’s Most Watched Surgeon. He is currently the UAE government’s advisor on their digital transformation of health and innovation.

Kevin McDonnell

Ex MD of EMIS Care, Chairman Medic Creations/Medic Bleep

Kevin McDonnell has successfully gained 70% market share in the NHS with two products previously and successfully exited.

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Medic Bleep enables doctors, nurses and the wider team to communicate and collaborate within and across healthcare organisations.

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

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